Microsoft's E3 Press Conference - Round Up

Microsoft's E3 Press Conference - Round Up

I have quite a bit of friends who love to watch E3, but are unable to watch all the press conferences. They ask me to record all major points, and give them the run-down of what happened. I was only able to keep record of the second day, but here it is. The E3’s Microsoft Press Conference, as non-bias as possible.

Microsoft started the conference with the announcement trailer and details of the new Xbox One S. According to the trailer, it’s 40% smaller, has an IR blaster, along with a new Xbox One Wireless Controller.

Followed was gameplay of the new Gears of war 4 which is to be released October 11, 2016.

Microsoft also announced that Gears of War 4 will be a part of it’s new program Xbox Play Anywhere, their new cross-play program that lets you play a game either on Xbox One and PC after purchase along with transfer of Save Data & achievements.

Killer Instinct then previewed a promotional game-play for a new character, General Raam from Gears of Wars.

Followed by a trailer for Forza Horizon 3, coming out in September 23rd, 2016. The setting appears to be mainly on the Australian Outback.

A trailer for the new I.P. Recore was shown and announced release date to be September 13th, 2016

Square Enix then took stage to show a game-play demo of it’s highly anticipated Final Fantasy XV along with release date of September 30th, 2016

Afterwards Ubisoft had a promotional trailer for a new Expansion for The Division, known as Underground.

Xbox then reveal some new features for Xbox Live coming out in fall. Included in the features include background music, Cortana, and language selection. Xbox Live will also have a new community system, tournament platform, and Looking for people feature.

Followed this was some Minecraft announcement of cross-play between Xbox Live devices, IOS, and PC with new Microsoft Realms. There will also be releasing creature packs and Minecraft Add Ons.

Indies then took the stage with a trailer of a game called Inside, developed by the creators of Limbo and releasing on June 29th. Microsoft will also have Limbo for free for it’s Xbox One players.

Compulsion Games’ We Happy Few followed, with gameplay preview along with announcement that it will be on Early Access and Xbox Game Previews next month.

With a quick promotional game-play video, CD Project Red announced Gwent, a Witcher based card game coming out in September.

Bandai Namco also showed a trailer with promotional game-play for the new Tekken 7.

According to it’s trailer, Dead Rising 4 will coming out this year’s holiday season.

Coming next year in 2017 for both Xbox One and Window’s 10 is Scalebound by Platinum games. This was shown with it’s on promotional trailer and game-play.

Rare then took the stage to show a quick trailer for it’s new IP Sea of Thieves along with promotional game-play.

Then announcing exclusivity for Windows 10 & Xbox one was a trailer for State of Decay 2 followed by

A trailer for Halo Wars 2. then was also accompany by promotional gameplay and a short synopsis of the story

Finally ending out the conference was the announcement of Project Scorpio. This is purely speculation, but due to wording I’m like 90% sure it’s a new console. Microsoft stated that Project Scropio will be cross compatible with Xbox One and the new Xbox One S

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Ubisoft's E3 Press Conference Round Up