Ubisoft's E3 Press Conference Round Up

Ubisoft's E3 Press Conference Round Up

To everybody that couldn't make it or watch E3’s Ubisoft’s Press Conference, here’s the major points as non-bias as possible.

Ubisoft started it’s conference with a dance number to announce Just Dance 2017 coming out in October for all platforms. There was a dancing giraffe, does not affect the game anyway but just want it to be noted.

Ghost Recon Wild Lands then had promotional game-play and trailer shown to announce it’s release of March 7th 2017

Fans of South Park, then got to see more of their new game South Park Fractured But Whole. Coming out December 6th 2016, they showed the new combat system and a bit of the narrative. All of this was accompany by trailer and promotional game-play along with an announcement that purchasing the Fracture But Whole will also get you the previous installment for free the Stick of Truth. Pre-purchasing Fracture But Whole will get you Stick of Truth right now. 

Shortly after The Division had more news about it’’s Underground expansion, with a release date of Jun 28th for PC /Xbox One and for PS4 on August 2nd. Alongside Ubisoft also had the announcement of a second expansion called Survival, that does not have a current release date.

VR then got it’s shine with gameplay demo of Eagle Flight, a game where you an eagle fight other eagles in the sky. Though if you would like to go past the sky into space…

Ubisoft revealed Star Trek Bridge Crew. A VR game for all VR platforms where players become Crew Members on their own ship. Star Trek Bridge Crew is coming out in Fall 2016.

For Honor followed shortly with game-play demo and trailer that announce it’s release date of February 14th, 2017

Fans of the small game Grow Home, might be please to know a sequel as been announced which is called Grow Up. It will be coming out for PC, PS4, and Xbox One in August 2016

If you want a taste of Ubisoft games right now, the new addition in the Trials Series, Trials of the Blood Dragon is out for PC, PS4, and Xbox One right now.

Assassin Creed did not make appearance in the form of video games this year but instead more information of the Assassin Creed Movie, coming out December 21st 2016, with a Behind the Scene promotional video and teaser.

Watch Dogs 2 then made it’s appearance with promotional game-play and trailer revealed it’s release date of November 15th 2016. PS4 owners will also get all DLC for Watch Dogs 2 30 days in advance.

It was also announced that Sony Entertainment and Ubisoft will team up for a Watch Dogs Movie.

Ubisoft then ended the conference showing it’s new I.P. Steep, a X-Games winter sports type game. It was shown with promotional gameplay and trailer footage.

If you actually saw the conference, what do you think of the press conference. If not, what do you think about these announcements?

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