Sony's E3 Press Conference Round-up

Sony's E3 Press Conference Round-up

Time for one last recap! For those that couldn't make it or watch E3’s Sony’s Press Conference, here’s the major points as non-bias as possible (and trust me that it is really hard for me to do, since I am a fan of Sony games)

Sony started off with an Orchestrated intro that lead into promotional gameplay for the new God Of War that is in development.

Afterward Bend Studios showed a trailer for their new I.P. Days Gone

The arguably highly anticipated game The Last Guardian had a new trailer that showed some gameplay along with the release date of October 25th 2016.

Following, the game Horizon Zero Dawn, releasing February 27th 2017. had a trailer with promotional gameplay to show it off.

A new I.P. Detroit Become Human was also announced with a trailer accompanying it.

Sony then delve into the world of VR starting with a trailer for Resident Evil 7 Biohazard coming out January 24th 2017. It was also stated that Resident Evil 7 would be completely playable in VR from beginning to end.

Speaking of VR, the Playstation VR was announced for an October 13th 2016 release date at the price of $399. It was also said that 50 games would come to the platform from launch to the end of the year.

Then Sony announce Playstation Exclusive VR games with trailers for: Farpoint, Battlefront VR X-wing Missions, and Batman Arkham VR by Rocksteady. Batman Arkham VR will be released sometime in October 2016.

Final Fantasy XV then had promotional gameplay trailer along with statement of a VR experience to join it exclusively for Playstation. Expect Final Fantasy XV, September 30th 2016.

Afterward a trailer with promotional gameplay introduced the new Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, coming out November 4th 2016.

That wasn’t the end with the Call of Duty franchise has it was announced that there would be a Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered coming out soon.

Also being remastered is Crash Bandicoot 1, Crash Bandicoot 2, and Crash Bandicoot Warped, all for the ps4

Crash isn’t finish there as the new Skylanders Imaginators, coming out Oct 2016, also has him as a new character along with the ability to create your own skylander.

Next was a new trailer for Lego Star Wars Episode VII which is stated to come out in two week. It was also stated that a demo was currently available.

Hideo Kojima then took the stage and introduce a trailer to Kojima Productions’ new game, Death Standing

Following him, was trailer for a new PS4 Exclusive Spiderman game, not yet name, but being developed by Insomniac Games. Insomniac Games have been known for developing the Ratchet and Clank series and the Spyro games on original Playstation.

Closing out the show was a gameplay demo of Days Gone, the new I.P from Bend studios shown earlier in the press conference.

So if you saw Sony's Press Conference what did you think? and if not what do you think of these announcements

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